Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

Monday was one of those get to work early, grab whatever is around to eat type days. For breaky I had an over-easy egg on toast. For lunch I had a Subway sandwich, ham and all the veggies. Yeah, I know, factory farmed ham is disgusting, but when you are working your ass off sometimes it feels like you need some extra protein. But I need to get rid of all "conventional" meat products in my diet. For dinner I had noodles and Four Cheese sauce by Newmans Own, with some mozzarella and romano on top, my fast lasagna type food for when I am starving. I also had some tortilla chips and salsa when I got home from work.

Today I had a pb&j for breakfast (what the hell, right?) Then I had some more of the noodles and sauce for lunch, and I am making butter poached Rockfish with baked potatoes and sauteed beet greens with red garlic. I think that will be a nice nutritious meal for the evening.

Tomorrow I have to use up some kidney beans so I am going to make red beans and rice, maybe casserole style. That's my plan anyway.

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