Monday, June 15, 2009

Chalky lime days

Working with limestone all day creates a cloud of alkalinity in your nose and eyes and ears. Your lungs are coated with calcium and your fingers and back are sore. Working with stone in general destroys clothing and weakens bone and muscle. The weather has been blessedly cool, and I am happy to work out in the life giving breeze all day. Perhaps one day I will be dying and I will remember these easy halcyon days of stonework and golden youth, as I do my early years as a Taoist poet teenager. The sun sets on my home and I go back to bed.

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Arletta Rue said...

Well,,, I hope you do not die from your job!!!! but it reminds me of ME working with the rock outside and all the mold... yes you were correct,, there is LOTS of mold etc under rocks.. smells awful.

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