Thursday, May 22, 2008

why or because

I've been thinking a lot about simple concepts lately, like "home" and "friendship". It seems that the simpler the concept the vaguer the framework can be, yet the simpler the concept the more important it is in the context of life itself. The simple concept of home can encompass so many types of structures and areas that it simply boggles the mind. The term "ecology" comes from the greek word "oikos" which means "home" and "ology" the study of. So the idea is that the earth is our basic home, and on it we create different areas and structures that we call home, but in all reality the earth is the basic home of life. I see contentment and peace in those who have come to understand this basic premise. The earth is where our specific brand of life has evolved. "Evolution" is such a simple concept, such an elegant theory. It stand alone as perhaps the most important theory to grasp in order to really understand what life is all about. Maybe this is why fundamentalist have no grasp on reality. Nevertheless, evolution explains how we have come to this miraculous place in the history of the planet, but it doesn't explain why exactly. But the question of why is amorphous. There are no why's in the world, there is just because. Things happen and things don't happen. The why question is the greatest fallacy mankind has conjured from the depths of nothing. The why question is the question that creates religion and war. So I'd like to forget about the why and focus on the because. Things pass along into the river, but the river doesn't tell you why, plants sprout and die, but there is no reasoning behind it all. Life is itself and answer to nonlife.

Speaking of life, I have to go to work now. We're starting a job in Stillwater today. Hope the weather holds and the job is pleasant.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the time is nigh

Yes the time grows nigh to plant our seedlings. The May weather is fickle and strange, but we persevere. Hopefully after next week there will not be a late killing frost up north. This is all we can hope for.

Spring is melting into summer and work is going well. I need more showers then normal. I've worn out a pair of gloves.

I need to go refresh my kombucha mother now. Peace

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


It's the SO's birthday on Friday, and we and a friend are going to go to the Friends School sale and get some precious little plants. Then we are going to go to a baby goat and duckling party in Wisconsin, and then up north to prepare the garden for the summer. We have big and exciting plans. Hopefully i will be able to keep you posted.

Local Roots just finished up my friend JB and JSP's place a few days a go. We did a boulder wall and mulch patch, and we will be installing shrubs soon. I like how it turned out. It was the first project we did for my friends so I was really nervous because I wanted everything to go perfectly, and I hope they like the results. It's definitely a transformed yard.

Will update with photos later when my camera has some batteries.

My car smells like Egyptian walking onions


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