Monday, October 05, 2009


I want to start a new group of people who have decided that we can, and will, be the Hiber Nation. I swear, I want to hibernate right now, the chill and wet air have me reaching for the blankets and the ever present darkness of the clouds and night have me closing my eyes in exhaustion. It is time to slow down, way down, and pay attention to the small and big deaths that unfold all around us. In my life, fear of the unknown is dying a long painful death, and all the friendly asters alongside the roads are drying up like corpses of grasshoppers in a cut down cornfield. Their is a grief deep in my heart that has become my companion, my second heart of frozen winter.

Within my mythical make-up, the warrior has slept a long time, a slumber made possible by various circumstances and behavior, but my struggle today is to reach deep into my DNA and find that warrior who will guide me through the bogs of doom. You know, kind of like the Princess Bride...

Men have struggled alongside women in this hard contemporary urban based life, and it is certainly as valid for a man to go on a journey to find what being a man means to him, as for a woman to explore her womanhood, but I feel that in this society we are fed facile and grotesque examples of both as our daily fodder. To understand who I am as a mythical, spiritual, and physical man is my daily bread. I have drowned in the sea of womanhood, a baptism by salt water, and now it is time to be burned into ash as a man.

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