Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sick for days

Well, the sun is not shining today, and the forecast says rain, and maybe snow later in the evening, but I doubt it.

Since Saturday night I have been pretty sick. I think it is a sinus infection as most of the problems seem to exist in my sinuses, making it hard to hear and sort of trippy to be out and about in the city. But I seem to be getting healthier day by day. I totally crashed on Saturday, with chills and the inability to get up and move around. Luckily, the SO and I had some movies to watch and I felt pretty comfortable overall. I made the mistake of having a beer, though, which I think made me feel worse. I had a pretty high fever that left me drenched in the morning, and yesterday I went to put my sleeping t-shirt on and it was still drenched from the previous night. I think though, it cleared me out somehow.

I have been taking about 4000 mg of vitamin C and a high potency B, as the body is stressed by illness. I have also taken A, E, and D vitamins intermittently, as A is good for mucous membrane health, E is good for heart health, and D is good for everybody in these dark winter months. I have also taken aspirin for my headaches and pains. I started taking an extract that I should have been taking all along called Mycosoft Gold by Fungi Perfecti , which is a huge immune system supporter. It is a blend of polypore mushrooms (generally mushrooms that grow in trees that don't have gills) that have been scientifically proven to be very beneficial to health and long life. They also have anti-tumor properties. This is an extract that I highly recommend.

I have also been doing regular neti pots to cleanse my sinuses of mucous and bacteria. THis is probably the cheapest, most effective, and healthiest way to clear the sinuses, as it uses 1/4 teaspoon salt per cleanse, which must cost less then a penny. I have found that it gives relief immediately.

I feel that all these things together, including sleep and good food, provides a wholistic approach to becoming well for me. I am amazed to think that all the habits of my life and all the chances in the universe have come down to me becoming sick in this way with this illness. What a strange thing. If my immune system was healthier, I may have bypassed this illness altogether, but instead I have been eating pizza, chips, beer, and junk food, as well as not exercising as much as I could, etc...But of course I'm not beating myself up about it, I just think it is ridiculous how this culture considers Junk Living to be the acceptable norm, and then Medication to be the result. I can't believe how many people get a cold and take Nyquil or some other such disgusting garbage and consider that to be normal. The chemicals in these processed drugs are not wholistic in any stretch of the imagination. They are isolated compounds that have known effects on certain bodily processes, but so what? What about the whole body/mind/spirit organism? This is the problem with the reductionist, Cartesian subject/object dichotomy...it is flawed, completely.

Yes it does show us many wonderful thing, and it works toward the understanding of these wonderful things, and I have to admit, I love this method sometimes. But also I know that my body knows what is best for it. I believe there is an underlying consciousness in all of the universe which could be called Love or Energy. And it is experienced by all, but possessed by none.

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