Tuesday, January 08, 2008

holy sticky thinking

There is one thing and then there is another thing. This thing is separated from that thing. So there is two things, not one thing. But how can this be? How can one thing be separated from another thing? There is no one thing and no two things, just thingness. A subject and an object, subjectivitiness and objectivitiness. Or the whole kaboodle, subjectivitiobjectivitithingness. But who is counting?

There is a scientifitiness that says that this action has this cause or this result, and this may be a useful way to look at it, in terms of practical result-oriented activity. But as time passes I can't see what the use is of all of this. "You over there, stop doing such and such! Why am I so stupid? Where are my car keys?" Many things happening, nothing happening.

Maybe I need to start working.

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