Thursday, January 03, 2008

100% Free Range Minnesota Mystic

I have come to the realization that my primary internal identity is a mystic. To be more precise I am a 100% Free Range Minnesotan Mystic. I was reading an interview with a yoga teacher when this epiphany came upon me all in rush of peaceful understanding.

I am always looking for the ultimate truth behind the facade of consensual reality, but I do not subscribe wholeheartedly to one religion, or even three. I am a natural born mystic raised on the fertile prairies and immense shores of the Midwest. The land calls out to me, even as I struggle with the hardships of being human.

So many traditions and crafts whisper their enticements, so many ideas and emotions rush me along this river of samsara, but yoga brings me back into myself, and back out, into the world that reflects everything. I invent the path of freedom that surges through me and try to capture bits of shakti in words and sounds.

I don't need to define things. I don't want to.

Life trapped inside the self isn't worth living.

I would like to bring all the organic gardening, permaculture practicing poets and potter, singers and dancers, all the chefs and magicians and neighbors and midwives and cats, all the hurting and sexy and poor and mistreated together to practice our mystical ways in peace.

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reverent strange said...

perhaps one may encourage you to express shakti rather than try to capture it...

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