Thursday, January 10, 2008

capturing shakti, part 2

Part 2

Where is the feminine in today’s society? Where is Shakti?

At some point in the not-too-distant past women were the healers of their communities and together with shamanic men comprised a safety net of spirit and earth based healing and wisdom, as it were. Perhaps the shaman or priest began to wonder if there were a way he could somehow call the wise woman’s earth-based knowledge into question, thus securing for himself the communities connection to the spiritual and earth based wisdom and power. Perhaps he wondered about this, but the community would have none of it. None of it, that is, until the monotheistic religions were conceived of and created by men who saw the light.

Monotheistic religions say; Hey everyone, there is but one God and only we, the disciples, know the way to Him. We are the converted, the saved, and you are the sinners, the damned. God is a man, and man has dominion over the earth and all that lies thereon.

You can see how this belief would benefit men.

Monotheistic religions captured the imagination of men across the land. With the power of God on their side, they built societies completely focused around their sex. Ever since then, nothing has dramatically altered in this Godly grab for power. Political systems are set up primarily to give a few men ultimate power over all the earth, a terrestrial mirror of the monotheistic cosmic order. And in this mirror, we see the complete fallacy of the monotheistic idea, the “One God” theory failing time after time, sometimes in horrific ways, yet we pretend that this is the mere failings of mortal man.

And so ultimately the shaman/priest gained control over all the powers of the spirit and earth, his societal role gradually morphing into the pastors, businessmen, lawyers, and leaders of our modern times. In some indigenous societies, the shaman/priest exists still, but the wise woman labors in the background; women who have passed down the wisdom of generations time after time, sometimes amidst adversarial conditions in order to save the community from itself, to save men from their power hungry ways. In order to keep control over all the earth, men have had to keep her on a tight leash, and rape her repeatedly until she appears to be giving up the ghost. Men have always understood the games of power they have to play in order to stay at the top, because with just one tiny slip, their game could be over, unless, of course, they declare war. If, for instance, one wise woman were to become as powerful as the pope, the people of the world would have to feel again, and the floodgates of remembrance would be opened, letting the waters of peace out, which would wash away the military/industrial/banking complex that exists only to gain power over the Mother of us all.

What women are taught today in a monotheistic society is that they have been created by a male God to be the humble servants of men. They are to do all the chores of the house and they are to raise the children. Their entire earthly role as a human is defined by their relationship to the men in their lives, and the men that control their lives. It is the prerogative of men to control the earth, and thus women and children. Within this framework of female existence it is obviously in man’s best interest to begin the propaganda and brainwashing of young boys and girls as early as possible. To be programmed from the beginning is the ideal, but if an individual’s programming doesn’t take hold, then the tactics of shame, fear, pain, and terror are utilized.

It is my belief that almost every aspect of our modern day society is designed by and for men, and unimaginative men at that. Our society is imbued with the essence of Shiva the destroyer, and without Shakti only death can be the ultimate result of man’s design.

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