Saturday, March 25, 2006

A wholesome blog entry

Today I woke up, drank some fair trade french roast french press coffee, had some tasty mango smoothie, stretched, meditated, and went to my DFL senate district caucus as a precinct delegate, my first time there. It was long, some people smelled bad, but in the end democracy reigned supreme. I was illuminated, disappointed, and hungry at the end.

Then my girlfriend and I did our yoga lesson. Backbends this week. Opening up to the world, vulnerable, elongated. This week will be very hard. Not exactly human pretzel yet, but stunts I haven't pulled off since I was 8. Will we make it? Stay tuned.

Then we went to the Chatterbox Pub, a neighborhood bar with free Nintendo & Atari, as well as delicious beers. There we ate food which made us semi-ill, but the hard cider was very good.

We wrapped up the day at the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre to see the next-to-last showing of Gotama, which was relatively good puppet theatre, but had nothing really new to tell or show me about the Buddha's life. The tree at the end was beautiful.

There you go.

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