Friday, March 24, 2006

God help them...

Why is it that so many people that call themselves religious cannot stand other people who call themselves religious or other people in general?! Notice my fervent use of punctuation.

Take for instance the Religious Right's Crusade Against Gay People. Alright, let's start out with the fact that people exist...then we move onto the fact that some people are gay...then we move on to the fact that some gay people want to be married in the old school sense of the term, with a pastor and all the bells and whistles...then we move on to the fact that a large populous of supposedly religious people want all gay people to die. Okay, maybe that is overstating their position, but I for one see their need to "protect the sanctity of marriage" for what it is, unabashed hatred/fear. It mimics the attitude I have towards "them" at this point, you know, the "others".

They are my dark side, deep down, the one that hates you and is flagrantly racist, the one that wants my woman to clean my socks and people to bow to me in worship: the dark demon of self. The selfish ego grasping at what it wants, cowering from what it does not understand, crying to itself in agony when the world looks scary. The most unimportant part of me that insists it is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of me, yelling and frothing at the mouth with rage and lust. The little reptilian consciousness secreting itself way back in my cortex, whispering cold sweet dreams of conquest and pillage. The finite "me" that, if I don't strive to understand it and hold it at bay, will devour the infinite "me" down to my existential bones.

Sanctity: 1. holiness of life and character: GODLINESS 2. a : the quality or state of being holy or sacred: INVIOLABILITY b: pl sacred objects, obligations, or rights

When Jesus Christ was reported to speak about how those without sin should cast the first stone, was he saying do not judge those outside of your self? When he insists that instead of taking an eye for an eye we should offer the other eye, was he saying that we should not take justice into our own imperfect hands, should instead let the wisdom of the world take it's own karmic retribution if so needed?

I can't help but think that if those who call themselves religious would spend all of the precious time that they spend condemning others and instead use that time in perfecting themselves, the world would be a far less tragic world, indeed. I suppose I could just chant a mantra: God help them...


jilly said...

gawd help them. gawd hold them.
my friend paula just announced her marriage to her mate, patty. no sinister minister, no french horns, no gmo rice showers. just a wedding. a wedding like anyone else. an 'illegal' wedding, you could say, as it's a pig roast in blue jeans on a farm under an open minnesota sky. no running off to massachusetts or canada for the nups. they abhor marriage! they abhor the greasy fingers of the legislators who thinks its o.k. to decide what defines love and that it needs to be branded and that it needs to be financed. so why not just call it a commitment ceremony and save the politics? to rouse the frozen chosen we call constituants. to wake up the pittance they call family who Would attend the ceremony if it was named a 'commitment ceremony,' but Will Not attend since they are choosing 8 different little consonants and vowels to write on the invitation. where is love then? love is apparently in the right's bloody greedy nuclear unit hands. love is not where it should be...there in blue jeans and shit kickers under a starry minnesota sky. did you know there is Still a provision in OUR minnesota law that Allows! Incest! Without! Criminal! Charges! if it means bringing some wounded family unit back together. preservation is death in this case. preservation is rape. love is not love is not fucking anything if this is what our government says is alright in the name of the nucleus, the man-woman-two and 1/2 children suburbia!
tell me. tell me what is so fucking threatening about two women loving each other...maybe not even eternally...raising a child. raising pigs. growing flowers and fostering peace. if this is what is threatening, then i deliciously await the day our masses are organized enough to really scare the shit out of these assholes. we will kill them with our love, and we will shatter everything that is nuclear with our strenth. the time is now. keep fighting, everyone. thanks, andrew, for your blog and your words. i hope to be able to check back often.

Cosmic Monkey said...

"Kill them with our love" is an interesting phrase, sort of "hurry up and wait" ish. Thanks for your comments.

What is so threatening to "them" about two women loving each other I think is merely the notion of love itself. If people can find love and happiness on their own, who can say what's next? Liberation and freedom? Community and education? God help us if it comes to that...

This world is extremely frustrating sometimes.

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