Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Update

With the first couple of projects for Shadow Dance Stoneworks under my belt and an eventual move from the Cities to Wisconsin, as well as Khaiti having an amazingly successful and busy year, we decided to up the stakes a bit and become business partners and buy a new farm together. Well, we found our farmland and the offer to purchase is signed and accepted. So now the frenzy begins.

I'm in a bit of downtime between jobs and I am using that time to pack and move things slowly, and to relax my body. I'm thinking of our land now constantly and trying to plan out the layout with Khaiti. We're both running our businesses as well, so we have to find time to do all those things as well, and remember to take some downtime every few days. We did spend a wonderful long weekend with a dear friend down in Iowa and that was excellent through and through except for all the rain, but even that gave us an excuse to stay inside and nap.

We eat like kings and queens, though, let me tell ya. We have had some of the most memorable meals ever this year. Perhaps I will post some pics and descriptions of our meals over the coming weeks as I slowly depart from Minneapolis. It will be odd to live in a really rural area again, but I am looking forward to it immensely. Our land is so full of vitality and diversity.

We have apple trees scattered wildly throughout, strawberries litter the ground under goldenrod, hawkweed, and daisies. Patches of old oaks, scatterings of quaking aspen, brambly raspberries, blackberries, and black raspberries, wild plums, chokeberry, pin cherry...Willows, alders, boxelder, ash, and young maples. There is a small pine grove with red elderberry understory. A huge bowl makes up the northwest corner of the property. There is wetland type area in the middle, and a nice sloping field in the northeast section.

A beautiful place that will allow us to live our dream for years to come.

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sounds awesome!

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