Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog a little

Okay, I think I might blog a little now that the rain has hampered my workday.
My business is going well, except for this weather mucking up the schedule I had planned for the next few months. Overall I think I am almost booked for the rest of the time I am living here in Minneapolis. I am moving to my girlfriend's (Khaiti's) farm in July, out in Osceola, WI, and we are going to try to farm full-time next year. I may continue to work within my business and do some stonework projects as well, but we'll see how the schedule looks next spring.

Meanwhile I have to pack all my old junk and move it slowly from here to Osceola, but I am still running my business here for now so I need certain things to stay here in Minneapolis. I want to see friends but my schedule is pretty full at this time. Khaiti and I are looking for land in WI to buy, in order to build our dream farm. That, along with both our businesses, moving, and everything else in life has made 2010 pretty intense.


gianna said...

i love how she spells her name!

Arletta Rue said...

looking forward to meeting khaiti and seeing the new place.. bet you got farming in your blood from grandpa and working with your hands from your father

Arletta Rue said...

looking forward to seeing the new place and meeting khaiti..

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