Tuesday, December 15, 2009

little grace

Life is full of little annoyances and little graces. Like today, the annoyance of my gas leak continuing even though the shop said they figured it out. So I drove it over and froze my ass off on the way back home. But then I had a moment of grace when I realized my estimated taxes weren't due until January 15th, so I had some time to come up with a better cash flow.

I'm figuring on having the legal aspects of my business up and running by the end of January. Then it is a question of waiting until the snow melts and the ground thaws. Oh, and I get to go on a big shopping trip to buy tools. Fun.

I am enjoying my new job at the co-op. It really is like deja vu, though, the smells, sounds, sights, everything is very familiar. And that is a comfort right now, plus I enjoy being in warm kitchen. Everyone is very friendly as well. The co-op is a great place to work, no matter what.

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