Sunday, August 30, 2009

watch your actions and thoughts

I am making some kimchi right now, with a giant daikon from my garden, as well as baby carrots, onion, another trype of radish, and turnip. I purchased Napa cabbage, peppers, and garlic from the coop. This time I splashed a bit of fish sauce into the mix, as that is a very traditional ingredient to kimchi. I think it will turn out beautifully.

What I really need to do is clean out all the ferments I have in the refrigerator. There are all sorts of goodies in there, some of which may be past their prime.

I went out looking for Ford Ranger trucks yesterday, as fremenine went to an old friend's wedding in Mankato and I had some time to do this important search. It was a flop; one person I called told me her truck just had the "service engine" light turn on so she wanted to get it checked out, one truck just stunk, and another I had found on craiglist was just sold. Since I had driven 30 minutes to find one of the trucks sold at the lot, I decided to call the next place on my agenda, and found out that they had lent the truck out to a friend and he had forgotten to return the key with the truck. So no go on that one for now, plus it is all the way down in Savage which is like a 45 minute drive, so I don't know about checking it out at all.

All in all, I think maybe the spirits are telling me something about Ford Rangers.

I think I am going to get my shoes on and go buy some flower at the farmers market.

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