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Yes it is!

To reflect on time has been the essence of this 30th year of my life. Perhaps all of us who reach thirty years of age are somewhat amazed. Of course, years are an relatively arbitrary invention, but that doesn't mean that a year is not intensely important to our souls, bodiess, hearts. The impact of time is still being deciphered, age after age.

To follow my sweetheart, fremenine, to follow my Ecstatic Heart, to follow the stories of my friends and family, to follow my garden, to follow the path, to follow the seasons and cycles of life through time is all there is. It seems that, at least in so-called "civilized" cultures, we try to sort of ignore the passage of time, try to make light of it, but time, and his sister space, are what we have to work with here, and if we work with them poorly, life will be poor, uninspired, ugly. If we want beautiful, inspired, joyful living, we can't ignore the impact of time.

There is a natural time and unnatural time. We are stuck in unnatural time because of our jobs, lifestyles, societal pressures, and so on. This is not necessarily the worse thing that could happen to humanity, although it may be, but how do we work natural time into our lives, to struck some sort of cosmic balance?

It is a question that is hard to answer. Perhaps there is no answer, only striving toward balance.

If there is one thing I have learned in my 30th year it is this: To utterly relax and enjoy the passage of time is an infinitely valuable skill.

If there is another lesson I have learned it is to follow my heart, always, no matter how hard it is.

If there is one last thing I have gleaned in 2009 it is to allow all things to just be, to be aware as much as possible, and in that open awareness to follow my bliss toward love.

The desires to define, box in, codify, win, acquire, name, and possess are all related pressures. I feel three words can best describe my inclination toward these desires right now.

Let it go.

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