Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hanging out in central Wisconsin

I am in the middle of an intensive Permaculture Design Course by Midwest Permaculture www.midwestpermaculture.com and I am enjoying it. I didn't know exactly what to expect from such an expensive class, but it is at the very least feeding my head and allowing me to meet interesting likeminded people who are also passionate to varying degrees about creating and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

I really feel, at this point in my life, that permaculture and other sustainable systems of living are the key to human survival on this planet. I mean, sure we can go on living this way until we run out of oil & clean water and air, but are we really truly happy with our lives the way that they are? I don't think so, really, and I have been delving into the spirituality of of existence my whole life, trying to understand what it really all means. I don't know if there is any definite answer to life's ever present questions, but there are definite ways in which to live which emphasize the beauty, grace, and meaning of life, just as there are ways in which to create a sustainable lifestyle which create beauty, abundance, and meaning.

I will post later.


GeoLeoF said...

I am very glad you are enjoying your experience with "likeminded people." And for it to be helpful to the planet is very great.

JB aka JayBee said...

So now that the Permaculture Design Course is completed, how do you feel about it as a whole. What were the most important/influential things that you take home with you?

Cosmic Monkey said...

The most important thing I gathered at the course, beside the incredible amount of information and design strategies, was to relax and observe the world, and make connections, between objects and functions. I also was strongly opened to the idea of community and what it really means.

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