Tuesday, December 18, 2007

poem 2

"God will provide
this is no exegesis of scripture, no
it is an inevitability
through faith you will find redemption."
is what they say but I can't really buy it
I could charge it, but I've cut up my card

is there faith in the grasses, in the treetops?
I am a forgetful squirrel with a faithnut
will faith burst through the forest duff or is it already someone else's snack?
prayerfully, I continue

is the manitou in the forest part of the plan of god?
tell me now
my entire existence up to this point has been a search
for something I threw away when I was born!
they name it god, or science, or art
I call it milk or juice
the rest of it is what makes up these words
but at the same time they are the milk and juice

my car doesn't start
the battery is worn out
so I have to buy a new one
can I buy a new soul?
or is it time for a new car
one that has all the new gadgets
and better mileage

do we make do or do we buy new?

so soon I will go out and perform ten thousand actions
so that my car will run better
but nobody is asking me to
I could sit here and wait for something to happen

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