Monday, December 10, 2007

What dreamworld may come

So strange. Last night I had strong dreams, after waking up and falling asleep again. The kind that linger in your mind like syrup on waffles. The content was wild and unimportant to you. But it just reminded me that this strange state we call dreaming is such a strong part of our lives. As children we are motivated and terrified by the dreams we have asleep and awake. As we grow older we are taught to disregard these dreams that we have, but in fact all we do is push them deep deep down into a box that we bury in our soul's garden.

And in fact what else drives us forth into that good night? What fuels our passions, our drive, our desires? What guides us in our waking hours? I believe we imagine that we have created our goals in life through logic, or spiritual guidance, or practical considerations, but really, when we examine our actions on a deeper mystical level, we will find that our dreams have guided us along ever since we can recall. And does a collective dream guide humanity along?

Buddha says to regard this material life of desires and pain like a dream. Jesus implies that we are to regard this earthly existences as something akin to a dream in which we will awake in heaven. Most mystics and shamans gain their insight and power in the dreamworld. Dreams arise from deep within the ocean of our spirit, showing us true reality and meaning that can't be comprehended by the waking self. Maybe dreams are the feminine side of consciousness, the floral neocortex enmeshed in our animal brains.

I'm just sitting here with my yerba mate(in which I have added dandelion root, a couple rosehips, almond milk, and butter)enjoying the process of waking up. My waking day will start soon. But why is that we consider our waking life to be more real then our sleeping, and why do we dismiss dreams as unimportant?

I think a lot Americans dismiss sleeping as just an activity undertaken to refuel the body, just as they view eating, and I believe that this notion is perhaps the main reason why we have such a low quality of life. Or maybe we have a high quality of consumer driven life, but we neglect that which matters most, our soul. Our soul takes in nourishment from the energy that we share or consume. When we eat food that is bad, like McDonalds, we consume so much harmful energy that it boggles the rational mind. I think our soul cringes and shrinks. Maybe most people are walking around with souls the size of an ants brain. In any case, when we neglect the deep yoga of healthy sleep, and the essential sustenance of dreams, we deteriorate in mind, body, and soul. I guess if you want to die as an empty husk of a human with a soul the size of an ants brain that is your choice. I'm impressed that so many people are taking up yoga and meditation these days, as well as eating organic, vegetable centered diets. But obviously these people want to feed their mind, body, and maybe their souls. I guess all it takes is intent.

Well, I just wanted to stress that I believe that dreams are as important to your soul as food is to your body. "Dream" is a word that can have many meanings. Mostly people think of a dream as something that occurs in your brain at night while you're sleeping, as well as something you hold in your heart until the day you can fulfill it. You can also have daydream, in which you imagine punching your boss or making out with a pretty girl. It's an amazing dremaworld out there. I think a lot of young people are supplanting their own organic dreamworld with a techno dreamworld created by corporations that would like you to stay in the safe and entertaining bubbles that they create, consuming as much of their products as you can without questioning why? Why do I need this burger or that new chip or this much hit points or whatever...It's almost as if we are in a war of the dreamworlds, in which computers are trying to take over our dreams, like in the Matrix. Yet I think it's more subtle and complex then that. Since we as the government have allowed corporations to act as humans, they have overpowered us. They have replaced human needs with their own never-ending hunger, like hungry ghosts. They take over technology created by human brains and redesign it so that it feeds their gigantic needs as money eaters, not ours as small individual plant eaters.

It sounds like maybe I'm going off the deep end here, but if you don't follow your dreams, what do you follow? My dream is that, someday, we will live in a society without multinational corporations that destroy the earth in order to feed their own greed. Obviously this is not every bodies dream. In fact, when I walk outside, it seems like no ones dream. But what dreamworld are you living in?

Enjoy your dreams.

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