Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Sustainable Life Criteria

1. Compost Everything. (Including cheese and meat scraps and paper towels and old underwear. All those recommendations you find about what to compost are full of shit.)

2. Reuse Everything. (Forget the bourgeois idea of middle class wealth. We're all poor, unless you're in the top ten percent that owns the world.)

3. Use your bike, carpool, use public transportation. (If you drive around in an SUV you can go to hell. I'm not interested in your reasoning; you suck. Even you know that. So knock it off. Also, thanks for destroying my world.)

4. Meat is something to eat once or twice a week at the most, once or twice a month at better, none at best.

5. TV kills your brain. (Stop watching it. Make something.)

6. Cook your own food. (With friends preferably. Use only local organic ingredients. Make with love and compassion. This is our main focus as humans.)

5. Grow your own food. (Anything. A couple of potato plants in a 5 gallon bucket is good. Some chives. You've just changed the world. You are part of the revolution.)

6. Do nothing. (Save the planet and meditate. Read, sleep, sing.)

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