Tuesday, June 19, 2007

garden goings on

The gardens are going on without us. Life is happening while we are busy making other plans. We haven't added any nutrients to the soil as of yet, but we plan to add a thin layer of compost when we have the chance.

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Paul said...

I really enjoyed your video speech of David Suzuki. I like your outlook on life in general.

I have to make a note about your rant. A rant is a good thing on a blog, it creates dialog.
I run an ecological research campus where we learn and teach how to be green, yet I drive a great big gas guzzling suv. Why? because I don't drive very often. We located ourselves where we can walk to shopping and banking and we live where we work. We need a truck on rare occasions. I can't justify spending $25,000 on a hybrid for the rare times I need to drive and don't need a truck.
I lend out the truck often so other people can buy a mini car knowing they can use a truck when they need one.

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