Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the rain falls

We think of the rain as some sort of thing, that falls and makes us wet.

The rain, although it is also collected condensation on particulate matter grown heavy in the clouds, is also a life giver. The rain takes from the earth and sea and regenerates the system, the river and lakes without end. The rain is falling outside my window right now, and I hear its splish splash.

The rain speaks many tongues, all familiar. It says, here is the life you need to survive, here is the metabolic juice your body stews in, here is the kiss of the earth, wet and juicy. The modern man is concerned with staying dry and comfortable. The gardener and farmer is delighted with the heavenly gift of rain, and may become soaking wet in his or her endeavors to communicate with it. The wetness is commonly understood as discomfort, but I think it has more to do with our human decision to wear clothes all the time.

I will do mostly indoor chores today, but may venture out into the rain to finish a stone wall. Working with stone in the rain is dangerous and destroys lawns, so we tend to not do so.

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