Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thoughts after Maitake intake

The beautiful September weather lifts my spirits. Golden flecked maple tree swaying in the breeze. Light flutter of quaking aspen. Mushrooms pushing through the forest duff.

The garden begins the slow crawl back under the sheets. The leaves, pine needles, hay, grass, weed carcasses, seeds, fecal matter, and whatnot.

Weasels, worms, crows, and roots. Black soil and clay. A general malaise behind the senses. What is next, what is next. What do I do next?

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conniewonnie13 said...

Hey Andrew:))
This isn't really related to your current post but I'm wondering if it's alright with you if I use your blogline "everything is a reflection of the sun" on my own blog? Ever since I read it it's been living in my mind... pervasive that phrase. Yesterday I caught a blurb on the t.v. about a cool guy named Saleem: the last image was of him sitting in front of a door with a drawing of two cupped/upturned palms in blue cradling a radiant yellow sun. Made me think of your blogline.
Bless the bees, Connie

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