Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer flies by like a fly in the sky.

The harvest is coming in and the air is becoming cool.

My family hosted a birthday dinner for my sister and I last night and I received a nice stone hammer.

Stone is always on my mind these days, I fear I may be becoming a simpleton.

Stone is second to nothing as a beautiful building material, but it doesn't have possess the flexibility of wood, but is as simple and direct.

Wood as lumber requires extreme attention paid to square, plumb, and flush.

An easier on the heart material provides more flexibility for the populace.


gianna said...

it was a nice time to hang out! I especially enjoyed our walk! You're the best brother! You may be my only brother, but my love says you are the best!

Walter Nelson said...

I would like to communicate with the grandchildren of Maurice Peterson..I went to public school with him..I considered him to be a genius.
Walter Nelson
Plymouth, MN

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