Saturday, November 10, 2007

dream deep

I dreamt of Sunshine last night.

She was happy and healthy, and we hung around the old town and talked and enjoyed each others company. It was a sad and cathartic dream. It was good to be able to hang out with her again, but I wish it was in real life. It is hard to let her go, she was one of the only ones who could understand certain things.

The weather has changed and the dark winter comes. Dreams become more vivid after All Hallows Eve.

When someone dies it's like a giant mistake, but like every mistake it brings new solutions to old problems. All our old preconceptions must die before we can wake from ignorance. But sometimes it doesn't make any sense to wake up.

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conniewonnie13 said...

i dreamt of a dear friend one year after her death at 27. she was in the hospital, disoriented, but very much alive. we shared a hug that broke my heart open and sent me to work in tears that day.

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