Tuesday, September 11, 2007

strange sleep patterns, or lack thereof. whining chainsaws outside my home
cutting down trees that are sickened by disease,
why don't they do this somewhere else-where disease is rampant-where sickness has taken hold
love love love-the dreams I had last night were full
of broken promises and strange fears
Prince rocked out and I was chased by the slow motion horror that chopped off my ear
I woke up gasping for breath
couldn't breathe
noises everywhere out in the home
thought: it is time for a very expensive and comfortable bed

finishing up a job, I want to go out to eat lunch
needing to meet with friends: companionship is optional by not irrational
drunken angers are nothing but pent up energy
dammed flows, catchments overflowing
don't waste the resources! I say to myself as consistently as possible
angry angels are nothing but shards of glass

sometimes, usually
life kicks you in the crotch and you have to slowly recover
a year, a day, never
but always

So it's time to ease off the addictions, back toward the grotto
even if the pain in the body won't go away
Radiohead prances past my ears-lalala lala lala la
so take a break, break a snack open
it seems that it is going to be a long ride

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