Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Sometimes I see the fragility of everything around me with a clarity that is hard to deal with.

With my internship wrapped up, the holidays coming to a close, and a new year closing in on me, I feel a sense of relief and trepidation, relaxation and terror. What is next? What has it all meant? What choices do I need to make now?

The fragility is everywhere. The fragility is in my new little niece with tiny macaroni fingers, in my girlfriend as she wakes up and gets ready for another day at the job, in the clerk behind the gas station counter. The tenous nature of life is so clear sometimes that it makes a lot of what we do seem so stupid. How do we balance career with fun, cooking with conversation, shopping with living? I look around and I wish we could all just stop and try to understand eachother, ourselves, and the world.


gianna said...

Brin's little fingers may be fragile, but Maya's are BUFF!

John Brian said...

I am paying attention. Do you really want to stop trying to understand each other? What meaning then would we find in each other's company?

Krista said...

Looks like JB misread the last line. Nevertheless, the point of striving for understanding is an important one. I think I've brought this up before but again this conversation reminds me of Manfred Max-Neef's theory on basic needs (of which understanding & affection are two). If you have never heard of these or have never read his paper on it ("Real life economics: Understanding wealth creation"), I highly recommend it. For me, it is a revelatory experience every time I reacquaint with it.

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