Thursday, April 20, 2006


There is nothing new under the sun. All my thoughts have been thought. All the places I have been or are going to are populated. There is nothing new.

I need to go to a place I haven't been, to see a thing I haven't seen, to hear a sound I haven't heard, to smell a new scent, to taste a new taste.

Spring fever. Getting Out Of Here! Making Wild Ass Plans (WAPs)! Eating and drinking too much whilst thinking and dreaming.

MAPS! I need more, I need more gear, I need more money. Fuel is expensive, should I take a train?

Should I just start walking now and walk around the world?

I only have One Life. Unless reincarnation is true in which case I am sure I will be a bird.

I will be a blue bird that flys around the blue world over the blue ocean.

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